Threadbare Fabrics is an online fabric store based in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to provide high quality fabrics to the modern sewist. Sewing clothing is something that we're passionate about, and we look forward to sharing the fabrics we love with you!


Katie and Jeremy Jacocks are a husband and wife team living in Los Angeles with their slightly paranoid cat, Eli.
Katie Jacocks
Katie is a passionate sewist who wears an almost entirely handmade wardrobe. She's a video editor by trade, primarily creating marketing materials for Hollywood studios. She gets to watch a lot of TV at work, which makes her 8 year-old self very happy. You can find examples of her work at katie-day.comYou can read more about her wardrobe on her blog - Handmade Threads.
Jeremy Jacocks
Jeremy is the behind the scenes wizard, and a strong supporter of handmade clothing. By day, Jeremy works for a popular website where he leads a team of software engineers. He loves choosing the fabric, trim, and accessories for his handmade gear. He's an avid photographer, and you can find examples of his work at